Courting Moon: Vampyres Desire

by Adom Sample

KYRA DUNNING is a twenty-year-old noble woman living in the lands of Hymane where all the human reverts dwell far away from the ruling Vampyre coven. SEBASTIAN OF ORIAS, a Vampyre and the son of a Count who is a ranking member of the Coven of Vampyres travels to Hymane each night violating the truce to be with her. With Coven Law forbidding human and Vampyre fraternization, they must keep their rendezvous a secret from everyone, lest they be thrown into isolation and robbed of their memories.

When Kyra find out she is to be forced to marry the cruel, womanizing Daven Cummings, son of Madam Cummings, the Monarch who rules Hymane, she is put into a situation where she must choose between her families wishes and the love of her life. Her choice to be with Sebastian leads to circumstances that could threaten both their lives. They find out romantic love has been forbidden for both human and Vampyre.

The Coven and the ruling Council of Hymane will stop at nothing keep the reasoning behind it hidden. When Sebastian finds out he is to be married to the Queens daughter, he and Kyra have no other choice but to leave their families behind and travel across the Shadow Lands to escape their fate.

As time passes, and the more time Kyra and Sebastian spend together they begin to notice changes in their bodies. Sebastian soon learns he can survive in sunlight and his wanting for blood is solely restricted to that of Kyra.

Upon maneuvering possible odds to make it across the Shadows Lands they find Daven Cummings has kidnapped Kyra’s mother in a jealous rampage to keep her away from Sebastian. Kyra is then put in another situation where she must choose between the life of her mother or her love for Sebastian.

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Category: Paranormal Romance