Courtesans in Space

by Cheri Chaise

There are many rules of the Courtesan Court. Rules to guide and protect.

Dahlia broke the most important of all—never fall in love with the client.

Now she has no choice but to escape comfort for a lonely spaceship hiding out along the Rim. Far away from the heart of the Galactic Empire. Far away from him.

But the reality she encounters is one of lawlessness and danger at every turn. When circumstances leave her credit accounts empty and limping toward the nearest starport, Dahlia is forced to trade services for needed parts. At first glance, the slicks-streaked, foul-mouthed mech tech leaves little to be desired—until the heat of passion and the strength in his arms leaves her wanting more.

When her old and new worlds collide, Dahlia must decide between a new life of untold pleasures, or return to the one she left behind with all of its rules and the bondage of forbidden love.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance