Court High: The Complete Series

by Eden O’Neill

A town full of secrets. A dark elite.
A girl who crossed the wrong king.

Binge read the complete high school romance series by author Eden O’Neill. Over 800 pages of dark romance and epic suspense (and at over 25% less than buying the books individually).

They call them the Court, an elite boys club who rule Windsor Preparatory Academy like gods among men. And, of course, they’re led by Hercules himself.

Royal Prinze–yes, that’s actually his name–walks around both the school and the town like he owns them. His affiliation to the prestigious Court only gives him more clout. These boys do anything they want. They take anything they want, and they f*ck anything they want… in that order.

Then there’s me.

I came to Maywood Heights to live with my virtually indifferent father because my sister went AWOL. She chose to move with him after our father decided to uproot years ago and forget anything related to our late mother. I stayed with our aunt, but my sister and I had always remained close.

She’d never gone off the grid.

The new girl, I arrived at Maywood Heights to find her. The last thing I imagined when enrolling at her school was that she’d be connected to a group like the Court, and boys like Royal. She’s nothing like them and so much better than Royal and his elitist attitude…

So, why then are they saying he’s her best friend?

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Category: New Adult & College Romance