Convincing Tucker

by Nikki Bolvair

Three irresistible guys.
Marissa White is used to being the black sheep of the family. Compared to her perfect sister, she can’t seem to do anything right. Still, she didn’t plan on falling for Van and Tucker Manto or their friend Francis. Nor did she plan on sleeping with any of them. And she absolutely, most definitely did not plan on becoming pregnant. Maybe things wouldn’t be so complicated if she knew who the father was…
Two pink lines.
Tucker Manto is done holding back. Years ago, Tucker, Van, and Francis made a pact to leave Marissa alone. She was too young and innocent to be touched by the stuff in their lives. Well, screw that. Now that Francis and Van had screwed up, Tucker was more than willing to be the supportive friend Marissa needed. And after saving the day, he’d claim her for himself. Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned…
One big mistake.

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