Colin Preston Rocked And Rolled

by Bert Murray

This novel is an exciting college romance about best buddies, fraternity parties, new experiences and dangerous secrets. Colin and Karl are best friends and college sophomores enjoying an adventurous social life at a preppy, upstate New York college.

However, when Colin meets green eyed Jasmine everything in his life is soon turned upside down. The red-hot romance between gorgeous Jasmine from Laguna Beach, California and handsome Colin from New York City will keep you turning the pages.

Colin Preston Rocked And Rolled is a steamy romance and is written for readers 18 and older. The book will take you back to college again and allow you to once again experience all the passion and emotional highs and lows of first love.

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Category: New Adult & College Romance

Through the Riptide

by Bert Murray and Phyllis Fahrie

This is an entertaining, lyrical love story filled with saltwater, suspense, sweet romance and all the excitement of a summer by the sea…

A thirty year old woman escapes from New York City to a charming beach town on Eastern Long Island. Gorgeous, sandy beaches, ocean view estates and delicious seafood restaurants make her new home an exciting place to live. Lindsey is hoping to find inner peace after a disturbing incident shattered her confidence. Still recovering, she is stuck between the old love of her ex-boyfriend and the allure of a stranger she encounters on the bus. But will Lindsey ever be able to really trust a man again after what happened?

“The way the book is so descriptively written is absolutely poetic.” Perfect for fans of Jodi Picoult, Fern Michaels and Nicholas Sparks.

$0.99 Previously $2.99