Cold-Blooded Alpha: A Bully Wolf Shifter Romance

by Eve Bale


The wolf within me wants to break free, run free, and be free. But that’s not going to happen. Not now. Not ever.

Years of abuse, neglect, and downright torture at the hands of my uncle have stifled and shut down the shifter side of me. After all, nothing comes from unleashing the feral beast inside of me that’s fighting for release.

But then, everything changes…

Suddenly, married by arrangement and trapped in a new pack with virtual strangers, my wolf within refuses to hold back. And Dayne, the alpha of the pack, doesn’t make it easy to stifle my beast—or my desires. I’m clawing at the cage, hellbent on shifting.

Can I resist the sexy, cold-blooded alpha who tempts me or will I be caged inside myself forever?

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Category: Paranormal Romance