Coffee In Manila

by Patrick Higgins

What started online for Ryan Tipton in the quest for Maricel Arcamo‚Äôs heart, deepened considerably after he traveled halfway around the world to meet her in the Philippines. After spending one perfect week together, marriage seemed all but certain for them…
Their relationship quickly crumbled one week later, after Ryan confessed to her that he never went back to the States the day she saw him off at the airport. Instead, he remained in the Philippines another week to meet with two other women.
Desperate for a second chance with her, Tipton sought the counsel of a godly couple he and Maricel had met in Manila. The coffee shop owners were widely known for helping couples build solid relationships, using biblical principles to lead the way.
But with her heart completely shattered, did Maricel have the courage to forgive him and reconcile the love they once shared? Or was it too late…

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Category: Multicultural Romance