Closed Heart

by Willa Thorne

“If you are looking for:
* a hot alpha
* a story filled with secrets and excitement
* sexy as hell book that will make you go for a cold shower and change your undies in between reading. I’m telling you now, this book is PERFECT for you!” – Unbound Book Reviews

How can I accurately describe Jackson Rochester? He’s intense, and daring. When he stares at me, it’s like he’s boring holes through my soul. It’s intimidating. He’s tall, and built like a god. But really, the best question I should be asking myself is this:
What’s it like to want a man I can never have? ~ Elyse

Jackson Rochester’s stare pierces through Elyse Mendez’s soul, stirring her wildest fantasies. She can’t deny her body’s response to him, but she can control her mind – and her mind is telling her that if Jackson knew the secret she’s holding, that he would ruin her.

Jackson is intensely passionate and sinfully dirty. He’s a billionaire playboy who has an eye for Elyse, a youth center volunteer, blogger, and college student. Her avoidance of him only makes him more determined to break down her walls – but after he strips her bare, will the cost of the truth be too much for even Jackson to handle?

**This is a sensuous and steamy romance that will stir the imagination and tug at heart strings. It is a standalone novel which features characters from The Manhattan Series, but can be read completely on its own. The content is intended for readers who are 18 years and older.**

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Contemporary Romance