Clan of the Woodlands

by V. K. Ludwig

In a dystopian future, River, a bastard with no past, longs for what every clansman wants: a wife. But women are hard to come by, ever since the council of the Districts hid them behind a wall and stripped them of their bodily desires.

Inside the Districts, artificial insemination is the new norm, but only for the genetically superior. No one may have a child without permission. Especially not someone with Ayanna’s past, a teacher, who volunteers for an assignment which takes her deep into Clan territory.

By law, no clansman is allowed to touch Ayanna. Not even River, who is quickly assigned as her guard. Is her arrival a blessing or a curse? River isn’t so sure. She might be a woman, yes, but one with her very own intentions — becoming a wife isn’t one of them!

When River breaks the law and puts himself at risk of exile, emotions run high at the Clan. But even when River exposes Ayanna’s true goal, he refuses to accept that he has to give up on his dream to make hers come true.

The Bastard is the first book of V. K. Ludwig’s romance series Clan of the Woodlands, which takes place 150 years in the future. Don’t get this book unless you enjoy complex worlds, strong men and deep characters, not to mention a rollercoaster of emotions.

$1.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Erotic Romance