Claimed by the Pack – A Wolf Shifter Menage Romance

by Krista Wolf

Serena hates Europe… and following orders. So when defying her superiors gets her chased through the streets of Paris by otherworldly thugs? Only her immense telekinetic powers can save her.

Enter Damien and Broderick, two shifters – and wolves – with a story so unbelievable even a seasoned veteran of the Hallowed Order crosses her arms. Thrown together to fight the wayward queen of a failing wolf-pack, the three of them bond – physically and emotionally – as their newly-forged threeway relationship is tested to its absolute limits.

White-hot, steamy menage action blends with gripping paranormal suspense as Serena and her two beautiful wolf-shifting lovers prowl the Underhalls beneath an ancient cathedral. Will Serena be claimed by the pack? Or will she prove too indomitable, even for Damien and Broderick, in her ultimate quest for the Order’s lost knowledge?

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Paranormal Romance