City of Souls

by Mel Harding-Shaw

Necromancy. Sexy Wings. Secrets.
Bounty hunter Hel’s life depends on staying below the radar. But when the Lord of the City of Souls learns her hidden power is the key to solving his problems, he reclaims her bond-debt and drags her into the spotlight. He’ll protect her secrets on one condition—that she does everything he asks.
Winged necromancer Bastion would do anything to save his city from the magic menacing their world. Even blackmail the intriguing bounty hunter who despises him. As the rulers of the elemental courts converge, he’s not sure who hates him more—them or Hel. The only way to keep her close is to make her pretend she’s his.
With dark magic tearing at the fabric of reality and betrayal lurking at every corner, Hel and Bastion’s fake relationship is the only thing either of them can rely on. But Bastion’s past might just come back to kill him.
And Hel’s might kill them all.

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Category: Paranormal Romance