City of Sin

by Mia Ford

Commitment – I hate the damn word,
That’s since my ex walked out on me.
Not even looking back at our son,
My son is my world.
I think he deserves so much better than her,
In fact, we both do!

And then I notice Mia stepping into my Gym.
My world stops still,
I notice the first drop of sweat from her forehead and God, I am hooked.
I can see that dark, hooded desire in her shy eyes.
I am picturizing her being an animal in bed…all wild and unhinged!

And soon I give into the temptation,
Forget she’s my client and it’s so off-limits.
Bring my lips down to hers,
All prepared to make her mine.
After all, this is Vegas – “The City of Sin” where anything can happen.

But what happens when my ex comes back complicating my life – again!
Suddenly Mia becomes a stranger.
Guess some things can’t be hidden forever, right?

I am determined to win my lady back,
And gift my son the mother he rightly deserves!

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance