City of Liars

by Michelle Fogle

In 1487, Barcelona, Catholic heiress Aularia Bautista wants for nothing. Sheltered from the harsh reality of the world, she’s horrified after witnessing a social rival brutally flogged and burned at the stake for her faith. Plagued with guilt, she vows to take action,
Young navigator Joachim Déulocresca carries the weight of his father’s sins. Determined to honor his family name and rise above his shameful origins, he risks everything to smuggle sacred Jewish ritual items under the persecutor’s nose. But when a kindly patriarch who loves him like a son is burned at the stake for heresy, it compels Joachim to ply his talent for deception to mount an underground rescue mission. He secretly joins forces with Aularia to save those in the Church’s crosshairs. As the two help fugitives escape Spain, a forbidden romance blossoms. Can their covert rescue mission outfox the Inquisition or will it cost them their lives?

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Category: Historical Romance