by Sandra Heath Wilson

The thrilling story of the Plantagenet princess who cast aside family loyalties and fell in love with King Richard III – and into his bed.

1483, the English court. Lady Cicely Plantagenet is mourning the death of her father. Her uncle King Richard III declares Cicely’s two young brothers are no longer heirs to the throne. Cicely watches helplessly as he confines the boys to the Tower of London and claims the throne for himself. But the throne isn’t the only thing Richard III lays claim to. Cicely should hate her uncle for what he’s done to her family. But in spite of herself, she is drawn to this powerful and charismatic man. Against all her better judgement, Cicely and Richard become lovers. Before long, their relationship evolves into an all-consuming passion. A forbidden love that will put them both in mortal danger. Is all fair in love and war?

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Category: Historical Romance