Christmas with Brother’s Best Friend

by Ajme Williams

It was hard enough to resist my brother’s hot best friend.
On top of that, did he have to be an Army Ranger?
And did it have to be Christmas?

I’ll be honest.
I’m the opposite of holiday cheer this year.
Let’s start with… I was dumped by my prick of a fiancé.
Because I found out that I couldn’t have children.
You get the point. Life freaking sucked.

Until Matteo came along.
A younger man who knew how to make a woman feel good?
Yes please.
He held me like he’d had me for years.
But our lip locking had to remain a secret.
Our night together had to remain under wraps – literally.

But how would I hide my Christmas miracle?
The only word that came to mind…Run.
Could that word drown the three words that I wanted to tell Matteo?

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Category: Contemporary Romance