Chosen By The Alien Warrior

by Skyla Stone

When I signed up for the Ixonian tribute program, it was for one reason and one reason only—financial need…and maybe a little bit of an exploration bug. It definitely wasn’t to find love, and after all, that’s what we were promised. No love. No emotional attachments. Just celibate alien soldiers in need of temporary companionship—and we don’t even have to provide that, if we don’t want to.

My alien soldier, Cassian, is everything I could have asked for—kind, accommodating, and respectful—even if he does have scales and horns. But he’s also gorgeous, and as the days pass and we get to know one another better, I start to wonder if my own self-imposed celibacy is the right choice.

It could be fun, right? I came to Ixion for a new experience, after all. A fling with a handsome alien soldier certainly falls in that category. It definitely can’t lead to love—or to a revolution.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance