Chasing Charis

by Lynn Best

Three smoking hot alien brothers who all want to mate with me. Whatever is a girl to do?

No matter what they tell you, alien abduction isn’t at all like what you see on TV.
First, I’m rudely abducted and knocked unconscious. Second, I wake up to an alien monster who wants to… er… “mate” with me, but he’s got huge claws, huge fangs, huge… everything.

I realize I’ve been taken by a race of sexy, humanoid men. The bonus? They look like fitness models, they all think I’m the most attractive woman they’ve ever seen, and they can conjure my deepest fantasies out of thin air.

The catch? I’m supposed to woo their prince and future king, and give him an alien baby. The problem is I’m more attracted to his brothers, and the dirty fantasies they show me. On Earth, I was a good girl, but these aliens show me just how naughty I can be.

Now my biggest problem is which brother to choose. And just how far will I let them go?

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Category: Paranormal Romance