Charming Olivia

by Grace Harper

Jack Geary is the ultimate playboy with no inhibitions. He’s intrigued by Olivia Gage, admires her, and tells her how much he’d like to meet. She resisted his invitations to meet in person, using marriage vows as a solid reason.

Except after a year of friendship, she’s not married any more.

Writing romance novels for a living, Olivia kept it safe there too, not daring to write anything too steamy. After one too many glasses of wine, she confided in Jack she wanted to write erotica.

Jack tries to persuade her to spend a week in his city. He reasoned if she hadn’t seen the situations she wanted to write about first hand she wouldn’t have authenticity in her books.

It’s not just Olivia holding back to protect her heart, Jack’s hiding behind his playboy lifestyle, because he is heartbroken too.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance