Charity’s Gunman

by Aedan Sayla

He was cashing out.
First the bullet in the back and now the death of his closest friend – it was time to go out with a bang.

When he threw the dynamite he knew it was the end of the road for him.

Waking up was a shock. Even more so to find himself tied down being operated on by a woman alone. She had to be plumb crazy out of her mind in order to help him.

You didn’t fix an animal like him. You put him down with a bullet to the brain, before he could turn and devour …..everything. She was good and he, well……he was bad.

Charity’s Gunman is a sensual, for ***Adults Only***, story of what can happen, when one is unexpectedly given a second chance. As tales go, it has lots of emotion, romance that lasts, eroticism that mesmerizes and a message that is timeless.

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Category: Erotic Romance