Caught in the Middle

by Kira Barker

Three friends, an afternoon of debauchery — where will they go from here?
Her entire life, Erin has been focused on her career in medicine — killing her social life and leaving her sexually frustrated. When she vents to her friends Jack and Simon, the guys are only too happy to help her scratch that itch. But why stop at a one-time occasion when there are so many possibilities?
With a decade worth of experience under his belt, Simon is more than capable as a Dom to help Erin discover her masochistic, submissive tendencies and embrace a new side of herself that she’s now eager to explore. And hanging out with Jack where everything is easy and uncomplicated is a dream come true. Within the changing dynamics of their friendship, even Simon and Jack are building new bridges, letting Jack explore his bisexual fantasies.
Yet when emotions start factoring into the equation, things suddenly become complicated, and soon Erin sees herself confronted with a terrible dilemma: she has to choose between the man who can make her darkest wishes come true, and the friend who knows her better than she even knows herself — unless she wants to lose them both. Or is there another alternative?

Dive into this vivid erotic romance full of friendship, lust, love, bondage, dominance, and submission. Intended for mature audiences.

This novel is the first in a series, but can be enjoyed as a stand-alone, too!

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Category: BDSM

Tied Between

by Kira Barker

Screwing two guys? Now that’s easy. But living with them? That’s an entirely different story.

Erin Slater loves her life. With the career she has always dreamed of just one phone call away, and two hot guys who have tied up her personal life in the very best of ways, what more could a girl ask for? Yet as hot and steamy as the sex is with Jack and Simon, sex alone does not a relationship make. They each have their own demons to battle, but acknowledging them can be much harder than it seems.

$0.99 Previously $2.99