Castor’s Kiss

by Tai James

Kidnapped. Tortured. Left for dead.

The fact that Mia Grey has survived is nothing short of a miracle. Now, every day of her life is a battle. Thrown into the arena daily, she fights to the death against others imprisoned as she is.

She’s become a crowd favorite.

A darling to the masses.

Still, she dreams of escape.

The opportunity presents itself when the tall, dark, and mysterious Atlantean, Castor, comes striding into her life. He claims to be sent to save her, but Mia has endured too much to blindly trust him. Her doubt works against them and ensnares the two in the ultimate challenge.

Out of options, the pair must form an alliance if they hope to survive. Amid the battle for their lives, they find the bond of fated mates growing between them. In the face of growing odds, can their love survive? Or will the bond between them be the weakness that gets them killed?

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Category: Science Fiction Romance