Carlton: A Dark Irish Mafia Romance

by Janet Reyes

If You’re Looking for an Excitingly Dark Irish Mafia Romance that You Can’t Put Down, then Keep Reading!
There’s nothing quite as lucrative as leading a crime ring. At least that is the case for Carlton. His thugs collect bi-weekly payments from business owners in his area in exchange for keeping their properties safe. Win-win, right?

Well, not really. This protection was for two reasons: One, it keeps businesses safe from rival gangs. Two, it also means businesses are protected from being looted by Carlton’s own thugs. Whatever moral ground you stand on, you’d agree this never ends too well for the business owners. But as long as their businesses are safe, the bi-weekly fees are a price they’re willing to pay.

Indeed, business is going good for the young ring leader. Besides, Carlton likes to strike a balance by wielding his power over corrupt politicians. And once Carlton’s done dealing with them, they always learn their lesson. And if they don’t, they end up six feet under.

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Category: Erotic Romance