Carla, A Love Story

by Isabel Elias

Carla is a moving and powerful novel about love, loss, and the resilience of the human spirit in the midst of the horrors of World War II.
Just when Carla discovers love for the first time, her lover, Herman, enlists in the service. While Herman faces the horrors of war, Carla lives in despair of the possibility that her lover may die in battle. This is a fear that haunts her every day.
As Carla waits with anticipation and fear, she is left realizing that love may have eluded her forever. Will Carla find love again, or will she be faced with a life of despair and loneliness?
If you like heart-wrenching romance drama, you will like the novel, Carla, by Author Isabel Elias. Each chapter will keep you on edge.
Enter Carla’s world today. You’ll be happy you made the choice.
“Just finished reading CARLA, A LOVE STORY. You took me on a journey through time and romance with Carla and her butterflies/heavenly family.
As a novelist, you are a genius!!!”
” When someone cannot put the book down, that’s great writing. That’s how your book was.” ~Manuel Apodaca
“As a rule of thumb, I always rate products and sellers on Amazon. I do this as a courtesy for future buyers. However, ordinarily I do not rate novels because they are highly subjective. I am compelled to rate Carla: A Love Story a 10+. It has something for everyone. I encourage enthusiasts to read it. A great discussion for book clubs. Engulf yourself in this book and I am sure you will agree with me.” Amazon Review.

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Category: Historical Romance