Captive Bride (A Dark Mafia Arranged Marriage Romance)

by M. James

All I want is my freedom. But the Bratva leader won’t take no for an answer…

My first husband is dead and buried.

I’m left a widowed mafia princess—a dangerous title to hold, especially when one man already has his eye on me.

Viktor Andreyev.

His own men call him Ussuri. The Bear. Older than me, with a reputation for violence and a cruel exterior to match, he’s no one I would ever choose for a husband. In fact, I’d hoped that I’d never have to marry again at all.

But he’s made the price for peace my hand in marriage. And it’s clear that I can’t refuse.

I’ve survived marriage to one cruel man already. I’m no fragile princess. I know I can survive this. But the secrets of the Bratva are darker than even I realized, and the more I learn, the more desperate I am to escape.

Only one man, and the temptations he poses, stand in the way.

He holds my body captive. But he’ll never hold my heart.

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Category: Contemporary Romance