Can’t Help Falling: Love Stories with a Twist

by M.A. Harper, Patty Friedmann, Adrienne Barbeau

For smart and savvy readers who know there isn’t always a happy-ever-after, but also know what it’s like to power-dive into love, consequences be damned! Who hasn’t been there? We’re taking about the kinds of romances that might be bumpy, might not always last forever, might even end in tragedy (one of these does), but oh, what a ride! Each of these enthralling love stories is adorned with an unexpected twist, be it a tinge of adventurous cozy mystery, young love in the swampy bayou, the unlikely but steamy duo of a vampire and a hot cop, romance in a pharmacy, or the witty coming of age tale of a nice Jewish girl amidst cultural and historical upheaval. And each is as beautifully written as any so-called literary novel.

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