Caged by the Alien

by Tammy Walsh

I’m trapped in a room with an alien Adonis.
And 100 billion viewers are watching.

Two weeks ago, I was abducted by aliens. Now I’m trapped in a room with four walls and no door. I’m scared. I’m alone. And there’s no chance of escape.

Then he appears out of nowhere. A Greek god with an ass to match. We try to escape but our efforts are thwarted. In a moment of weakness, we kiss.

The next morning, a door appears.

We’re trapped in a depraved gameshow. If we can reach a shuttlecraft within 24 hours, we can escape together. But first, we have to give the producers the steamy show they want.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

Owned by the Alien

by Tammy Walsh

Abducted by aliens and bound for a breeding zoo.
And then things got worse.

I was abducted by aliens.
Yep, you heard me right.
But they’re not little green men.
They’re gorgeous creatures called Titans.
Heaven help me.

Hard. Callous. Cruel.
That’s how the crew describe their captain.
After their attempted mutiny, he comes to me for aid.
Help him recover from their poison and he’ll return me to Earth.

There’s just one catch.

Healing requires the use of my body for one whole night.
If I give him what he needs, will he keep his word?
And will sleeping with him make me his fated mate for all time?

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