Buy Me, Love

by Lauren Milson

Kit Kensington is twenty years old and has never been on a date. As the daughter of a successful and wealthy hotelier, she is overprotected, constantly surrounded by her personal security detail, and doesn’t get to meet many new people.

Her father has an idea. Kit can put herself up for bid at his hotel’s annual Valentine’s Day Charity Auction. That way, she can have her first date at the hotel bar with someone fully vetted, while being under the watchful eye of her guards at the same time. Win-win?

It’s anything but.

Kit’s world is turned upside-down when possessive billionaire Maxwell Armstrong enters the room. He doesn’t just want to buy Kit’s heart – he wants to own it.

So he strides toward her, pulls her against his chest, gives the event organizer a blank check, and tells Kit no other man is allowed to bid on her heart.

Only catch? Mr. Armstrong is looking for more than just a date…

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Category: Holidays Romance