Bury the Lie

by Lili Benkel-Bergman

A young woman forced to deal with the past in order to create her future. Yasmin, a beautiful journalist, meets Nir, a wealthy doctor and second generation to the Holocaust, like herself. Contrary to her professional success, Yasmin feels entrapped in her personal life, unable to break free from the walls she has built to protect herself.
Encouraged by her therapist, and despite her fathers’ eager objections, She joins Nir on a trip to Vienna, only a few miles away from Mauthausen Concentration Camp, where both their parents where once imprisoned. Unlike Yasmin’s father, Nir’s mother keeps her memories to herself, making the Holocaust ever present in her penetrating silence. Now, she hands them a mysterious letter to deliver on their visit. A few days later, they will board the flight home, after a drama that will change their lives forever.

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Category: Urban Romance