Burned (Shenandoah Shadows Novella No. 1)

by Melissa F Miller

Olivia Santos lives on a razor’s edge. As a NOC—a CIA operative with non-official cover—she knows the risks: if her cover’s blown, there’s no diplomatic immunity. A life sentence in a foreign prison is the best-case scenario. But she never imagined her cover would be compromised from the inside.

Trent Mann used to thrive on danger. Now the former Navy SEAL’s haunted by a costly mistake. He focuses on his work for Potomac Private Services to hold his nightmares at bay. But when he’s saddled with a trophy wife as a defensive driving student, it doesn’t take long for the fiery blonde with the enormous eyes to land them both in deep trouble.

Soon Trent and Olivia are dodging the government, foreign agents, her husband, and an endless list of shadowy enemies. As the danger reaches a boiling point, Olivia and Trent will have to ignore the fire crackling between them to focus on staying alive.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance