Brunch Babes: A Prequel

by Jessalyn Jameson

Don’t get mad… get brunch!

When Brea Pompeo’s fiancé bails on her just days before the wedding, her best laid plans come to a screeching halt. But Brea’s girlfriends won’t let her crumble, and they certainly won’t let her waste another minute on a man who doesn’t deserve her time.
The girls quickly rally to show Brea that there’s nothing stronger than sisterhood—and there’s nothing that can’t be fixed with bottomless mimosas.
And with that, the Brunch Pact is formed:

A Standing Monthly Date
Bottomless Mimosas
Girl Time

BRUNCH BABES is a prequel novella, an introduction to the Brunch Babes.
Here’s what you can expect from the Brunch Babes series:

Fierce Female Friendships
Swoon-worthy Love Interests
Happily Ever After

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Category: Contemporary Romance