Broken In: Men on Their Knees book one

by Ash Light

Owning an adult club was supposed to be fun. But all I seem to do now is work. I can’t remember the last time I played at the club, and I mean really played – no barriers, no expectations to be in charge. Because being a high-powered alpha in business, means there’s a stereotype hanging over your head when it comes to BDSM – and all I want to do is find a woman who will break me down and get me on my knees – I just can’t tell anyone.

My career hasn’t taken off as expected, which means I work a dead-end job and indulge in my new fantasies of playing a Dominatrix. I’ve never actually found someone to play with or spoke to anyone in the lifestyle, but there is one place that might just lead me to where I need to be. If I can only get my offer to the tutorial service accepted, maybe I can finally get my Dominatrix lifestyle Broken In.

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Category: Erotica

Blooming in: Men on Their Knees

by Ash Light

Fame and fortune have opened many doors for me. My life has changed through the years in the music industry, and there’s nothing I can’t have—except my own sexual freedom. The scandal of being a male submissive would be enough to end my career, so instead, I have to wrap my body in leathers and wear a mask to play. No one in the lifestyle knows who I really am, and no one in my life knows what I really need.
If my Mistress ever finds out who I am, she’ll only be thrown into my public life, and we’ll never be able to keep our games a secret.

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