by Linie Bener

Rules. Limits. Norm. These words are not for a Prime.

A prime is a group of powerful families who rule everybody in secret, and Christian is one of them. He, Klause, and Rome, own the halls of Rutherford Prep. All the girls want them even though they’re cold, indifferent, and mercilessly reign over everyone.

Except me.

I have secrets to protect, especially from a prime. However, Christian has set his eyes on me. He’s a psycho who wants to own and consume, and if he can’t have me, he’ll make me suffer.

I fell for someone like him once and wouldn’t make the same mistake twice.

I had meticulously planned to eliminate the primes for years, but Christian is something I hadn’t expected. If I’m going to prevail, I must stay away from him.

That’s easier said than done. However, my name is Catherine Elizabeth Vanderford and I’m a survivor.

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Category: Contemporary Romance