Bring me Back

by Amy Oliveira

Hallie Delos Santos promised never to come back.
Gossip is the backbone of the small town of Bluehaven. To make sure never to be swallowed, Hallie kept quiet, buying time until she could escape.

Five years later, she’s back.

Not the same girl she was, not as afraid of Bluehaven anymore. Hallie wants to feel right on her own skin and survive the town she once hated. But when she meets Daniel, it becomes clear remaining quiet isn’t an option.

Daniel Miller is taking Hallie’s words one by one, making the silent girl talk. The town through her eyes isn’t a pretty sight and falling in love isn’t in the plans. When it is Daniel’s turn to share, his secrets might send Hallie away.

Nothing to hide, Hallie now has to survive Bluehaven yet again.
*Bring me Back is an age-gap romance novel with a quiet heroine, a small-town full of gossip and a swoony woodwork teacher.

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Category: New Adult & College Romance