Bring me Back

by Amy Oliveira

Hot, sweet and swoony!

“He was taller than me, stronger than me, older than me. And at times, it felt like we were one.”
Hallie Delos Santos left the small town of Bluehaven at the first opportunity she had.

Five years later, she’s back.

After years of bullying, walking again in the halls of her old school isn’t easy, but Hallie knows her best chance to survive is if she leaves the past behind.

Ignoring her demons. Not listening to gossip. Forgetting about everything that happened five years ago isn’t that easy when the demons can’t seem to forget her.

Daniel Miller is lost since his divorce. Drifting, trying to find a purpose, he goes from project to project, trying to fill his days.

But a reason to be lands on his lap in the shape of a woman fifteen years younger and full of secrets.

He’s the woodwork teacher, and she’s the costume designer.

He’s smiles, and she’s the silence.

He’s determined, and she’s his.

*Fifteen years age gap, a quiet heroine and a small town full of gossip. Dark at times, honest, but mostly hopeful.

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Category: New Adult & College Romance