Breaking Josephine

by Brooke Stanton

When Josephine Taylor stumbles off the steam engine in nowhere Oklahoma to meet a stunned Jack Harrington, she’s livid. Jack wanted a young man to work his farm, not Jo. But there’s no way she’s going back to the hell she left. She’s a survivor. Where there’s a will, Jo always finds a way. Come hell or tornadoes or an exasperating man, she’ll make sure Jack and his farm can’t live without her.

Jack doesn’t like change, and he especially doesn’t like obstinate women challenging the way he runs his life, but living in close quarters, Jo’s determination stirs forbidden feelings in Jack’s dormant heart.

As Jo chips away at Jack’s iron walls, the struggle between them raises strange new yearnings in her young heart and as the days turn to months, Jo wonders if the saying is true, love and hate are two sides of the same coin…

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Category: Historical Romance