Bratva Devil

by Sonja Grey

As a Bratva boss, I’m not allowed to make mistakes.
But I make a big one when I kidnap the wrong damn woman.
It’s not safe to let her go, so instead I take her up on her offer and hire her to work for me.
Under my watchful eye, I make sure she does what she’s supposed to and upholds our agreement.
But as much as I try to keep her at arm’s length, she keeps getting under my skin.
All the possessive and protective instincts that I never knew I had come out with Maddie
She likes to tease me and taunt me, trying to get me to claim her.
But she has no idea how much I enjoy the hunt, how much I enjoy seeing her squirm.
When my little kiska starts to run, I’m more than happy to give chase.
Because I will be claiming her, all of her, and when I do catch her, she’s going to scream who she belongs to loud enough for the whole damn world to hear.

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Category: Contemporary Romance