Brackish Boss

by Lily J. Adams

Eva Rosencrantz is all grown up. We were enemies when we were kids, but now all I can think about is getting her in my bed.

When we were teenagers, I’d never leave her alone. I bullied and ridiculed Eva until she left for school in a different city.
But her dad continued to work for my family. And now, Eva has some big shoes to fill.

She should be happy for the opportunity to work with us – the Mancini Family rules this city. But Eva has a moral code, one that doesn’t include sleeping with the mafia bully who ruined her life when she was younger.

Except I know deep down under all this hate, there’s heat and passion unlike with anybody else. And I’ve now made it my goal to make Eva submit to me… one way or another.

Outrunning danger becomes more and more important as both Eva and I fall deeper into a dark rabbit hole… We’ll need to outrun the real bad guys before we think about our future together. But can we?

Brackish Boss is a standalone MC mafia romance with alpha males who will do everything and anything to protect the women they love. Brackish Boss is Book Two of the Mancini Crime Family series with HEAs that will have you craving a mafia man of your own!

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance