Boss Throws Me to the Wolves Boxset

by Skye-Anne Chariss

What will make the Boss see me? Peril had fantasies about her Boss but it seemed like the Boss did not see ….

Peril, a young, beautiful and brilliant paralegal who came to the city to do her law articles.
Peril, as beautiful, curvaceous and flawless as she was, she had never explored her sexuality. She was a shy, sexy, scorching flame that invited the sinful to indulge in their sexual pleasures by merely looking at her.

From the moment she first saw her Boss, who treated her like a little princess. Peril realized that he had something in him that she needed. Something she couldn’t resist.
No one ever made her feel like that.

Driven by lust and sexual desire, she was determined to get into the Boss’s pants. She was prepared to defy all the odds. Will she risk it all?
Boss throws me to the Wolves Boxset is a gripping erotic romance perfect for fans of billionaire romance tales and Sweaty Romance. Gear up for a wild ride of passion, drama, and crazy sex that will keep you wanting more. Scroll up and grab your copy now because Peril is waiting…

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Category: Erotic Romance