Bodyguard Baby Daddy

by Fiona Stone

(East Coast Mob Series Book #2)
It was never my intention to get caught messing around in the pantry with my best friend’s little sister… Or to knock her up. Our night together was the hottest thing ever… But my best friend would kill me if he knew what I did with her. Then just as everything feels right between us, she disappears… I will not rest until she and my unborn child are back in my arms… And those savages are in the ground.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Taken by the Mob Boss

by Fiona Stone

(East Coast Mob Series Book #1)
My enemy took my V-Card… Now we’re engaged and he doesn’t know I’m carrying his baby. We had no idea who each other was when we had our one night stand. Luca Colombino is a mafia prince and our families are rivals. Now there’s a hit out on both our heads and he thinks it’s me who’s behind it. My body yearns for what my head wants me to flee. Our passion under the sheets tells me he feels the same. But we’re both keeping secrets… Escape would be easy if we weren’t being forced to live together. Or if I wasn’t knocked up by the enemy.

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