Bloody Princess

by Helen Scott

My sister’s death was ruled an accident, but it was all a lie… They’re the kings of Welhurst University, heirs to the most powerful, corrupt, and ruthless families in Ascendence Bay. Each of them is stunningly gorgeous and they all hide dark, dangerous secrets. I’m going to expose them. I’m going to make everyone see exactly who they are. Murderers. I’ll do whatever it takes to make the Boys of Ascendence Bay pay in blood for their crimes. The closer I get to finding out which mafia heir is the killer, the more I realize I didn’t know my sister as well as I thought. Big, ugly secrets come to light that will change my family forever. But what’s worse is the enemies I thought I needed to destroy are more complex and tempting than I ever imagined. Can I survive the truth being uncovered or will I be buried by the lies?

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Category: New Adult & College Romance