by Ivy Nelson

Her father killed his mother and now Elijah must decide between lust and vengeance.
His thirst for revenge has him offering Holly Sutton a job. Lust has him taking her to Club Solitaire, the elite BDSM club he runs. His increasing desire for this beauty makes him question whether revenge is worth it.

Holly thinks her father hung the moon and can do no wrong. When she is faced with the realization that she may not know her father at all, she must choose between loyalty and truth, all while trying to resist the temptation of the hot billionaire who gave her a job but wants her father in prison.

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Category: BDSM


by Ivy Nelson

Letting Marissa Sullivan go five years ago was his biggest regret.

Letting tech billionaire, Lance Moss have her heart in the first place was hers.

Now, thanks to meddling friends, they’re forced to work together to save Club Solitaire. Lance because it’s his home, and Marissa because the paycheck was too big to turn down.

Their attraction to each other hasn’t changed and probably never will. Those who are out to destroy the club that has become a second home to so many know that and will use it against them.

Lance wants a second chance. Marissa doesn’t know if she’s brave enough to give him one.

Maybe going undercover as his sub will remind her what it was like to be his all those years ago.

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