Blood And Spice (The Witch, The Shifter, The Vampire): A Dark Halloween Romance

by Lilah E. Noir

Charming Laurel Stone and her ruggedly handsome assistant and submissive Corwin believe all their troubles are over. Their quaint bookstore and cafe were one of the local treasures. No one suspects of their dark past.
Life seems perfect, until it isn’t.
There’s trouble in the air before the night of Halloween. Buried desires resurface in Laurel, brewing like a dark, delicious potion. That sudden need to be spanked, used and dominated is about to crack that proud Mistress and her iron control. Everything changes when the mysterious Severin steps in Cinnamon Bookshop. bind their willpower with a hypnotic spell.
Blood and Spice is a one-night stand of sexy literature, a paranormal love story with high level of steam, hot explicit scenes, power exchange, M/f/m menage and a guaranteed HFN.

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Category: Gothic Romance