Billionaire Protector

by Alexa Hart

Keep running.
Trust no one.
Stay invisible.

Those are the rules I’ve lived by ever since I left my past in the dust and never looked back.
And I stick to those 3 little rules because my life depends on it.
My son’s life depends on it.

But as soon as I met him… my rules went out the window.

Drop dead gorgeous (I’m talking model material here), charming AF and richer than pure sin.
In other words… totally out of my league.

What does a girl like me know about mansions, fancy parties and rubbing elbows with Denver’s elite?
NOTHING! Absolutely nothing. This just isn’t my world.
And how can I ever trust him after what I’ve been through?

But I feel myself falling hard and fast.
Losing my sanity a little more after each toe-curling night with him.

What if he finds out who I am… where I come from… the things I’ve done?

Should I keep running, or trust that I might actually be safe here… with him?

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Category: Contemporary Romance