Big Brother’s Quarterback Friend

by Izzie Vee

My best friend, Amy, made it pretty clear in our girls’ code,
Dating your bestie’s brother is totally off-limits and unforgivable.
That’s why I’m keeping this dirty little secret.
Her brother, the annoying star quarterback who made my life hell when we were kids … well … 2 years ago, I kissed the bully, but that secret’s buried with the memories of that steamy night.
Until Austin returns to town, to attend our college.
I can’t ignore the fire that ignites between us when we’re close. I don’t walk away when he tempts me with that charming smile, when he lures me in with the body that was made to pleasure a woman.
The warning bells go off in my head, telling me to run. He’s not worth the trouble. He’s a heartbreaker; he’ll ruin my life.
But what if I can get one taste?
And I’ll keep my heart protected.
Just one, and Amy will never find out
Do I dare cross the line with my V-card?

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Category: Erotic Romance