Big Bad Fake Groom

by Tia Siren

I need a wedding.
I need a bride.
But marriage is my worst nightmare, so why not fake it?
The only problem?
There’s nothing fake about fucking a virgin.

I’m New York’s wealthiest bachelor.
Oil is my business and women are my pleasure.
The sound of wedding bells? Makes me cringe.
Until I find out my inheritance depends on me getting engaged.
So I do exactly what I do best. I buy a solution.
Paige Scott is the hottest upcoming painter on the NY art scene and she needs the publicity as much as I need my inheritance.
A deal made in heaven, right?
The fucking marriage contract.
The virgin naturally insists on a no-sex-before-the-wedding clause.
Are you kidding? I should fire my lawyer and find a new bride.
But Paige is the biggest tease my cock has ever gone hard for, and this fake groom is up for the challenge.
I’m going to make her wet. I’m going to make her ache for me. And I’m going to make her think all this marriage shit isn’t just pretend.
I’m going to steal her virginity before the big day. And then I’m gone.

But I never counted on actually wanting to say, ‘I do.’

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Category: Contemporary Romance