Big Bad Cherry Bomb

by Cleo Mercer

I think I’ve finally found my fated mate. Which is rather unfortunate.
If she turns out to be as violent as the others, we’ll have to kill her.

We’ve been hunting the silver-eyed mutants for weeks now.
When we finally catch one, I’m looking for answers.
I’m not expecting to find my fated mate.
She’s a feisty little thing.
Dark-eyed and covered in tattoos, she’d be a perfect fit for the MC.
It seems like everyone wants her.
The rogue wolves want to claim her.
The St. Louis pack wants to take her back to their labs to study.
Too bad for them, I’m not sure I want to let her go.
Finders, keepers.

I guess I’m a werewolf now.
Maybe I should be in shock or something, but bad luck sort of follows me around.
As pathetic as it is to say, this isn’t the worst thing that’s ever happened to me.
It’s not even in the top three.
At least in this tragedy, I get a family out of the deal—my own pack.
That’s assuming they don’t have to kill me first.

BIG BAD CHERRY BOMB is a spicy shifter romance about a rough-around-the-edges alpha and his werewolf motorcycle club. They found the little wolf half-dead in an alley. She’d be a perfect fit for the MC, there’s just one problem. She’s got a mutant virus that could put the entire pack at risk.

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Category: Paranormal Romance