Beyond Redemption

by Barbara Nolan

On the sizzling streets of South Beach, Joker needs to make a deal with the cartel to free himself and his son from his outlaw biker club. A chance meeting with a gorgeous mystery woman who hates all things biker quickly ruins his plans.

Daisy’s savvy skills and killer looks make her Miami’s premier con woman, but she wants to leave the game behind. When her plan to get out goes awry, she’s surprised to find a biker of all people coming to her aid.

With his vicious club president and her murderous boss to handle, Joker and Daisy concoct the biggest con yet. Pitting two larger-than-life powers against each other is dangerous enough, but setting them up while navigating their uncontrollable desire proves downright deadly. Soon this pair is out-of-control and teetering on the razor-thin edge dividing what they want from what they need.

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Erotic Romance