Between Us

by Teresa Roman

Nia Collins likes to play it safe, so when Enzo DeLuca returns to New York to take a break from the grueling pace of the road after wrapping up his concert tour, she knows she’s in trouble.

Two years have passed since Enzo signed with a major record label and moved to Los Angeles. Since then, he went from barely being able to pay the rent, to one of the world’s hottest pop stars. They both swore they’d moved on, but getting over your first love is easier said than done. When Enzo confesses he still has feelings for her, Nia has a decision to make. No matter how much she still wants him, friendship is less risky. She can’t forget how badly it hurt when Enzo broke her heart, nor can she get past his superstar status.

Can Enzo convince Nia he’s worth one more chance?

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance