Better Off Dead

by HP Mallory

Legendary Celtic Bladesmith, Tallis Black, is dark, brooding and definitely dangerous.
I know I shouldn’t trust the immortal Druid, but he’s my only chance at surviving the Underground City.
Scarred by and trying to make amends for his violent past, Tallis Black is the epitome of the word ‘loner’.
Living in the Dark Wood with nothing but monsters for company, I have to seek him out so he’ll forge me a sword in preparation for a journey I’m in no way prepared for.
While Tallis is massive (seven feet tall) and beyond sexy with his Scottish brogue, kilt, and midnight-blue eyes, he’s also surly, gruff and beyond scary, so you can imagine my surprise when he offers to train me and act as my escort to the Underground City, AKA Hell.
I know I shouldn’t trust Tallis, given his reputation and the fact that secrets cling to him like flies on, ahem…
But desperate times call for desperate measures…

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Category: Fantasy Romance