Best Laid Plans

by B. Hollidae

After nothing but bad luck in the area of love despite her best-laid plans, Spring decides she’s skipping the love and marriage and headed straight to the baby carriage with the decision to get artificially inseminated.

Then she meets Bilal, and they click over a mutual admiration for art and geek culture.

But he just broke off an engagement two months before he was supposed to say “I do,” and he’s not willing to talk about it.

Huge red flag.

Bilal’s a nice guy. And he sees to the woman who doesn’t need anyone to take care of her but wants to be taken care of anyway.

Their relationship is supposed to be casual, and Spring plans to enjoy it as long as it will last before she carries out her baby plans.

But as the line between casual and serious starts to blur, Spring has to start thinking. Do she and Bilal really want the same things? Does it really matter?

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Category: Contemporary Romance